January 31, 2020 10:33 am Holidays, RITZ Foodservice, RITZ Products, RITZ Retail

The winter months often seem so long and dreary, but there is one thing that can always make it better – a warm cup of hot cocoa! We love any excuse to indulge in this chocolatey treat and we know that kids love it too! Whether you’re looking to create the perfect hot cocoa bar at home or you are a restaurant, country club or hotel owner, a hot cocoa bar can really be as elaborate or as simple as you desire! As long as you have plenty of hot cocoa, mugs or cups, and toppings, you can then really have fun and be creative with the set up and décor.

Ingredients You’ll Need (it’s all about the toppings!):



Check out this simple hot cocoa bar that we set up here!

Let your guests serve themselves and have fun compiling their special hot cocoa treat just the way they like! Small children may need some help with pouring the hot water, but then they will love that they get to choose their own toppings. Sprinkles are always a big hit!

We hope that you liked these fun hot cocoa bar ideas and that you are inspired to create your own for your home or business soon! They are so much fun for parties, holiday gatherings or just a family or friend night in. Stay warm!

RITZ® products used in our hot cocoa bar: