Leave Other Cleaning Cloths In The Dust. Leave It To Duvateen.

It’s fall, y’all – why wait for spring to clean house?

The RITZ® Duvateen Dusting Cloth is the perfect multipurpose compliment to your cleaning regimen – dusting, polishing, waxing, and whatever-else-ing with sparkling, residue-free results!

Crafted with soft 100% flannel cotton, RITZ® Duvateen Cloths take it easy on glass, wood, tables, and countertops while showing dirt and grime no mercy. They’re also your durable, eco-friendly cleaning option – simply machine wash when necessary and wipe the next slate clean again and again. And again. And… you get the idea.

RITZ® Duvateen Dusting Cloths are guaranteed to quickly turn the biggest to-do list into your greatest ta-da list. Because when you need a job done right, you need a job done RITZ®.

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At The John Ritzenthaler Company, “Making Lasting Friendships” Is Our First Priority

Since 1892, RITZ® has made it our business to forge meaningful relationships that last. It’s why we’ve established exclusive partnerships with brands like All-Clad® and T-fal®, so we can work closely with those who, like us, are resolute in crafting world-class home and kitchen wares – ones we’d be proud for you to welcome into your home and business.

When you need a job done right, you need a job done RITZ®.